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Dear players,

This week we start with the new league. 

League Nights

a)      All matches are “followed by”, so the next match will start as soon as the previous match is done. This means that all times are approximate. All league participants have to be on time for their next match in order to prevent delays in the playing schedule.

b)      Each team has to report their arrival at the BTA league coordinator. When both teams are present the match will be assigned a court by the coordinator.

c)      If a team is 10 minutes later than the official starting time on the schedule, this team will lose the first set 6-3

d)      If a team is 15 minutes later than the official starting time on the schedule, this team will lose the match 6-3, 6-3.

e)      After a match is assigned to a court, there is a maximum warm-up time of 5 minutes.

f)       The first named team on the schedule has to bring the match ball. Starting the Spring League 2016 this will be the Orange ITF Stage 2 Quicksand Beach Tennis ball.

g)      Both teams are responsible of raking the court after the match. This will keep the court in better shape and prevent injuries.

Please make sure that your membership is updated and the one time league fee is paid at the first day of the league.

We highly recommend to read the:

 rules & regulations




  • Singles Men & Women all levels.

  • Youth singles (4 PM)


  • Women doubles all levels.

Wednesday night

  • Mixed doubles all levels & Bucket League (by invitation only).


  • Fun-, Intermediate-, Advanced 1,2,3  & Open Men doubles.

  • Youth doubles League.(3 PM – 5 PM). 

Playing times are >  6, 7, 8 or 9 PM.

Match format > best of 3 sets till 6 games won by 2 games with a tie break (till 7) at 6-6.

You have to be a BTA member to play the League.

Additional cost of AWG 25.- per Category/Level.

Level explained : high > low : Open > Advanced > Intermediate > Fun.

 CLASSIFICATION will go by results of the last League played.


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