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On April 1, 2014, Beach Tennis Aruba raised the club membership prices from AWG 50 to AWG 60. A lot has changed since then; we have made a lot of improvements and of course life in general became more expensive over time. We have kept the membership fees on the same level all these years because we want to avoid that Beach Tennis becomes an elite sport and we want it to be affordable.

However, after 4 years and the recent increase in sales taxes, we need to raise the membership prices. This is necessary to make sure we can pay our monthly bills, maintain the club, make improvements and to keep our level of service as high as possible.

We hope you feel that the new prices are still reasonable and that you will continue to enjoy Beach Tennis Aruba. The prices will stay the same until August 1, 2018. This means you can still purchase months of memberships for the old price until that date.


Here are the new prices:

Membership Rates


1 Month

3 Months

6 Months

12 Months


Afl. 70.-

Afl. 190.-

Afl. 360.-

Afl. 680.-

Youth (under 18)

Afl. 35.-

Afl. 95.-

Afl. 180.-

Afl. 340.-

Youth (under 12)

Afl. 20.-

Afl. 50,-

Afl. 90,-

Afl. 160,-


Afl. 60.-

Afl. 160.-

Afl. 320.-

Afl. 600.-


3 persons or more get a 10% family discount on the total package of membership.


Adults: Afl 25, Youth League: no extra charge. Youth Singles: Afl 25 Members only!


BTA Tournament Calendar 2019

BTA Tournament Calendar 2019
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