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News › New rule & important information for the BTA Winter league 2018 - 2019.

Dear player,

This Monday December 10 we start with the new league. 

On arrival please notify your presence to the BTA official @ the bar,

he will introduce you to your opponent and assign the designated court.

The team named first is responsible for supplying the Quicksand yellow/orange match ball.

After your match rake the court and report your score.


NEW RULE : The ‘No Block zone’ was introduced during the Aruba Open 2018 and the ITF will continue with this new ruling.

There is a yellow mark at the side line, the returning team can not pass this line until the server has made contact with the ball.

This will apply for all levels & categories.


Reschedules : Due everything in your power to play the match. See article 3 in 

In case you can’t play let the BTA official know at least 48 hrs upfront!

Last minute cancelations will only be accepted in case of an emergency, a dinner or bowling isn’t one..

Please make sure that your membership is updated and the one time league fee of AWG 25.- per League

you play is paid at the first day of the league.

For determination of divisions see article 6 of Rules & regulations.

We highly recommend to read the following >

Rules & regulations 



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 Kind regards,


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BTA Tournament Calendar 2019

BTA Tournament Calendar 2019
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