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Terms › Terms and conditions of participating in BTA leagues.

  1. Membership
    1. In order to participate in a BTA league, the participant has to be a member of Beach Tennis Aruba. It is the responsibility of the members to be up to date with their membership payments.
    2. If a member is not up to date with their payment, Beach Tennis Aruba has the right to refuse his/her registration for the participation of any league and/or any tournaments. This does not relieve the member from the obligation to pay the membership.
    3. Membership can only be cancelled one month in advance, per email to
    4. Not participating in the league does not stop the membership of Beach Tennis Aruba and does not relieve a member from paying membership fee.
    5. If a member cannot play anymore due to injury or other reasons beyond his or her control, it is his or her responsibility to inform BTA per email to in order to make arrangements concerning membership payments.
    6. Paid membership will not be refunded.
    7. All information concerning membership of Beach Tennis Aruba is available at

  2. League Nights
    1. All matches are “followed by”, so the next match will start as soon as the previous match is done. This means that all times are approximate. All league participants have to be on time for their next match in order to prevent delays in the playing schedule.
    2. Each team has to report their arrival at the BTA league coordinator. When both teams are present the match will be assigned a court by the coordinator.
    3. If a team is 10 minutes later than the official starting time on the schedule, this team will lose the first set 6-3
    4. If a team is 15 minutes later than the official starting time on the schedule, this team will lose the match 6-3, 6-3.
    5. After a match is assigned to a court, there is a maximum warm-up time of 5 minutes.
    6. The first named team on the schedule has to bring the match ball. Starting the Spring League 2016 this will be the Orange ITF Stage 2 Quicksand Beach Tennis ball.
    7. Both teams are responsible of raking the court after the match. This will keep the court in better shape and prevent injuries.

  3. Rescheduling
    1. Rescheduling has to be kept to a minimum! A reschedule can be requested no later than 24 hours before the official starting time of the match per email. Each league has a different email address to request reschedules, which can be found on top of the page of the different leagues.
    2. Until the rescheduled match is played, the match will appear as a 6-3, 6-3 loss for the team which requested the reschedule. It is the responsibility of that team to arrange the rescheduled match, together with the BTA league coordinator of that league.
    3. Matches can only be rescheduled after consulting the specific BTA league coordinator.

  4. Substitutes
    1. In the Open and Advanced 1 doubles leagues it is not allowed to play with a temporarily substitute to prevent league distortions.
    2. If a player suffers a long term injury, or will not be able to play because of a reason beyond his or her control, it is allowed to finish the season with a permanent replacement of more or less the same level.
    3. All teams in the lower level leagues are allowed no more than two times to use a substitution of more or less the same level.
    4. Opponents of the teams playing with a temporary substitute have the right to refuse the match with the substitute player and reschedule the match to a date when the original player is available.
    5. All substitutions (temporarily and permanent) have to be approved by the BTA league coordinator.

  5. Ranking of the Leagues
    1. Division of the leagues are based on results of the teams in the previous season.
    2. The top three teams of each league (with exception of the Open Leagues) will be promoted one level up.
    3. The bottom three teams of each league (with the exception of the Fun League) will be relegated one level down.
    4. If a team is changed with a player from another division, this team’s level is based on the combined individual results of the previous season.
    5. Beach Tennis Aruba reserves the right to refuse or admit any team in any league.
    6. The ranking in the leagues during the season is decided by:
      1. Total amount of matches won
      2. Total amount of sets won minus the total amount of sets lost
      3. Total amount of games won minus the total amount of games lost
      4. Head to head result

  6. The ITF Rules of beach tennis apply to all matches. A recent copy is available at the bar.

  7. Beach Tennis Aruba has the final say in any rulings concerning BTA leagues and matches.
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BTA Tournament Calendar 2020
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