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25 pts.

2nd place

15 pts.

3rd / looser 1/2 finals

7 pts.

5th/looser ¼ finals

3 pts.

Last 16

1 pt.

Points stay in the category/level where they are won.
At the end of the year the player(s) with the most points win it and become ‘King of the beach’ or ‘Queen of the beach’.
When 2 of more players have the same amount of points the one with the most tournament wins or highest finishes gets it.

Level of play is decided by the BTA League level of the highest ranked player. In mixed doubles tournaments, the tournament level is decided by the men's or women's doubles level. If the person does not play men's or women's doubles, the mixed doubles ranking is deciding.

So if you play Advanced in the BTA League you will have to play Advanced in the tournament, same with the other levels.

You are always allowed to play a higher level than you play in the BTA league.

Participants in a singles tournament have ot be 16 years or older.

In men's, women's and mixed doubles tournaments, the minimum age is 14, but one of the players has to be 16 years or older.

During ranking tournament weekends, junior players 14 to 16 years old can only play the men's or women's doubles if they also participated in the juniors tournament!

Positioning in the group is determined by

  • Most matches won.
  • Head to head result
  • Game difference, example: 7-5= + 2.
  • Total games won. 

Rules and regulations

  • Matches played till 7 win by 2 games (6-6 tie-break). 
  • Ball > Sexy Brand
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