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News › BTA SPRING LEAGUE 2021 SCHEDULES are online!!

March 8th we start with the BTA Spring league 2021  


Notify your presence to the BTA official on arrival..

  He or she will assign the court. There is a max of 5 minutes w-up.
  When the match is done and the court raked you report the score.

Your BTA membership and league fee has to be up to date and paid before your first match starts.

  You can pay at the bar or transfer by bank.

Click MEMBERSHIP for all information.


LEAGUE RULES & REGULATIONS   In this link you will find everything about league matters such as reschedules, substitutes etc.


 CLASSIFICATION went by results of the last League played.

This means when you registered for a preferred level this will not be a guarantee you play this.

BTA OFFICIALS, contact your designated BTA official for league related matters.

Monday singles
Danny Schults
Tuesday women doubles
Claire Ros
Wednesday mixed doubles
Danny Schults
Thursday men doubles
Jochem Ros





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