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News › BT 50 ITF ranking doubles tournament October 20 - 22.

From October 20 - 22, Beach Tennis Aruba organizes the 8th ranking tournament of the year!   

Participate in the men's, women's, or mixed doubles tournaments for all level, or in the ITF BT50 tournament.     

For the Junior players there is the Junior's doubles event on Saturday.

Compete for nice prices, medals and bragging rights during the weekend and gather points for the yearly KING AND QUEEN OF THE BEACH ranking, who will be crowned in December. 

Juniors age 16 & under have to compete in junior doubles in order to play doubles on Sunday.

This means they can't play mixed but have too play Junior's instead.

Exemption for participants playing in ITF pro doubles and the ones who play level 1 doubles in the league.


Friday October 20

6 PM - ITF BT50 doubles tournament - 1st & 2nd round. 

Saturday October 21

10 AM - ITF BT50 doubles tournament - quarter finals

4 PM - Mixed doubles for all levels

4 PM - Junior doubles tournament for all levels

Sunday October 22

2 PM - ITF BT50 doubles tournament - semifinals and finals

2 PM - Men's and Women's doubles tournament for all levels


Payments can be made at the BTA bar or per bank transfer to:

Beach Tennis Aruba

J.E. Irasquin Blvd # 248, Oranjestad.

Aruba Bank, account number : 254 975 0190


Registration fees have to be paid latest Friday October 20.

After that there is a AWG 10.- additional charge per team and entry based on availability.

Individual payments are not accepted, registrations and payments are per team.

Teams are only accepted into the tournament after payment has been received!



OPEN - Men's doubles level 1 or lower.

OPEN - Women Pro or lower.       

ADVANCED - Men's level 2 & 3 or lower.

ADVANCED - Women's level 1 & 2 or lower.

INTERMEDIATE - Men's level 4, 5 & 6 or lower.

INTERMEDIATE - Women's level 3 & 4 or lower.

FUN - Men's doubles of level 7 & 8 or no (former) league players.

FUN - Women's doubles teams consisting of lvl 5 or no league players.



OPEN MIXED DOUBLES (Pro Women's doubles 1 / Men's doubles 1)

ADVANCED MIXED DOUBLES (Women's doubles 1&2 / Men's doubles 2&3)

INTERMEDIATE MIXED DOUBLES (Women's doubles 3&4 / Men's doubles 4, 5 & 6)

BEGINNER MIXED DOUBLES (Women's doubles 5 / Men doubles 7 & 8 / BEGINNERS)


Classification is decided by the league doubles level, the highest one counts.

So if a Level 1 teams up with a level 4 they will have to play level 1.

If a player does not play men or women doubles, than the last played league level counts.

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