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News › Monday April 8 we will start the Spring league!! BTA SPRING LEAGUE 2024, April 8th - July 11th.

BTA SPRING LEAGUE 2024 (Monday April 8  -  July 11, 2024).  

Wednesday March 27 last day to register or when categories are full.. 

You have to be an active BTA member and up to date in order to get confirmed.   

How does the League work? 

Friday April 5 the SCHEDULES will be online.

Reschedules >  can only be done twice and have to be reported one day before your match and before 11 AM at the designated BTA official.

Substitutes   >  You are allowed too play with a substitute as long as its the same level or lower and the opponents have too agree.

At the BTA club notify your presence to the BTA official on duty, he or she will introduce you to your opponent and assign your court.

The one time League fee (AWG 25.- per player) has to be paid before your first match

Players are responsible for the official match ball (SXY ball orange/yellow).

After the match rake the court and report your score.


Format of play > will be a best out of 3 sets till 6 games won by 2 with a tie-break at 6-6.

In case of a third set a Super tie-break played til 10 points will decide the winner.



Adult leagues (16 years and up). 

 Monday > Singles.

 Tuesday > Women doubles.

 Wednesday > Mixed doubles & Bucket league (invitation only)

 Thursday > Men doubles.


Matches are played between 6 - 10 PM.

 Thursday > Youth doubles leagues (matches between 4-6 PM).


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